"I can't say enough good things about GeriatriCare. They were the support system for my cousin, who was in an assisted living home several hundred miles away from me and had behavioral problems from dementia. When I had to move my cousin to another home an hour and a half from where she was, I was afraid it would prove to be too difficult. GeriatriCare stepped in and did a fantastic job. Christine arranged for the transport, than completely rearranged her schedule so she could show up at 5 a.m. at the home to facilitate the transfer. Without her, I don't think it would have happened. The head of admissions at the second home was very impressed and told me that Christine had "worked her magic." GeriatriCare has always been professional, honest, and caring. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. I trusted them with my loved one, and they went above and beyond anything I could have expected."
~ Linda

Plan Now, Care Later Program

Plan Now, Care Later is an exclusive and comprehensive program offered by GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. to assist our clients in preparing now for future needs.

Health Care Proxy

A Health Care Proxy is a person that is appointed to help make health care decisions when one loses the ability to make decisions for themselves.  By appointing a health care agent, that person can ensure that health care providers follow their wishes.  The Health Care Proxy can also decide how the person’s wishes apply as their medical condition changes.  GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. works closely with the client and their Financial Institutions or significant others to ensure that their health care wishes are enforced as they grow older.  These clients are part of our “Plan Now, Care Later Program”.

Planning for a Disabled Spouse

As many couples age, a growing concern may be the care and future of their disabled spouse. GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. has a solution.  A Professional Geriatric Care Manager will meet with the couple and perform a full assessment to compile the necessary material needed so that we may act on our client’s behalf in case of emergency.  We often coordinate with various professions, such as attorneys and financial planners, to ensure that a comprehensive plan of care is available for future needs.

Adult Children with Disabilities

A growing number of older adults are responsible for the care of their mentally, physically, or developmentally disabled adult child. As these parents age, they become less able to provide direct care for their children. In the same way that we approach eldercare, we can help the senior and the family with a plan that specifically addresses the special circumstances of aging parents with dependent adult children. With GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. helping them in complex and difficult situations like this, families know they’re not alone … that they have a partner in caring for their loved one.

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