"...Thank you so much for all of your guidance and help during these past sixteen months. It is not a mere figure of speech, nor is it an exaggeration to say 'I couldn't have done it without you'..."
~ Morton

"The court agreed to my becoming mother's guardian this morning without a single question or comment. Your evaluation was so thorough and you are so respected for the quality of your work - I believe this was absolutely crucial to the outcome. Thank you so much! Money does not pay for the kindness with which you treated both mother and me."
~ Sally Ann

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Welcome to GeriatriCare® Management, Inc.


We hope you are doing well and are staying safe during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. As always, GeriatriCare®Management, Inc.  is here to support our current and prospective Clients with their current situation.  We continue to work during this crisis and are accepting new clients.  


Our mission has remained the same since our organization’s founding in 1994: we help seniors and those caring for seniors make better decisions – and feel less alone and less stressed – while navigating the many challenges of caregiving, which can be overwhelming even in normal times. While COVID-19 has affected nearly everyone’s daily lives, seniors are particularly impacted given their increased vulnerability. GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. remains fully involved and is able to assist our elders and their family members with their ongoing issues.   You can reach us at (703)313-6114.

GeriatriCare®Management, Inc. is scheduling virtual meetings to help current and prospective Clients and their family members.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,


Today’s market offers what can be a bewildering array of options for elderly persons in need of care. GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. can help eliminate the confusion and anxiety by providing solutions tailored to the individual’s needs. Our company is devoted to guiding and managing the special medical, psychological and social needs of seniors, their families and disabled people of all ages. We provide comprehensive care management, consulting, and licensed home care services. We work directly with clients, family members, guardians and friends; as well as attorneys, trust officers, physicians, other health care providers, and financial advisors. Let us guide you through the maze of eldercare issues.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most complete range of services available to meet the needs of our clients.  We use a team approach and an extensive referral system to enable clients to choose from multiple options that are personalized to individual or family needs.


GeriatriCare® Management, Inc. offers specialized services for individuals who are unable to make their own care arrangements due to physical and/or mental impairment. Our clients include the elderly, mentally ill, physically handicapped and family members of these individuals who desire private professional services on a personalized basis. Most of our clients have chronic conditions or memory impairment that require professional oversight and supervision, As Professional Care Managers, we consult with our clients and often take them to their doctor’s appointments, refer them to specialists and advocate/guide them through the process. We can also help navigate the complex puzzle of retirement living resources. We have insight into issues surrounding long distance care giving, resources in the community, housing options, home safety concerns, including adaptations, in-home services, and the emotional aspects of aging. We provide a team approach.

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